We are about all things blissful, in all their many guises and manifestations. Bliss comes in all shapes and sizes, spiritually and sensually; and it does not discriminate on the basis of colour, creed or race. Bliss may be a uniquely human experience, but we don’t know that because we are only human. Bliss burgeons in fertile ground, in minds and hearts unencumbered by guilt and doubt. Blissful thinking beckons bliss like the lover’s kiss, like the angel’s harp, like the wings of a dove, and like the sound of rain on an old tin roof.

Blissfull Thinking About Us

What can we do to welcome more bliss into our lives? Well, this is what this website is all about, finding means and ways to embrace more bliss. Healing is important to make way for bliss. Forgiveness is another prerequisite before bliss will make an appearance. Surrender of the ego can make space for the dance of bliss. Gather thee rosebuds while thee may. Live in the moment and take a deep breath. Honour your time on this planet and in this life. Bring joy where you can, to all you can see. Feel the breath of the divine within your lungs.

Positive thinking is going to bring you a step closer to where you want to go. Negative thinking is going to mire you in the nowhere to go. Healing modalities are pathways to your original and innocent self. Fear is a sign that a doorway is near and that you should pay attention. Blissfull thinking is the empty vessel with room for God. Make space for the divine in your grand plan. Life is a dream within a dream; don’t take it too seriously. Step lightly upon this Earth; and love with all your heart.

Here you will find pathways, portals and possibilities. Perhaps, guidance and clarity for some of the issues that may cloud your understanding. Ultimately, you know yourself better than anybody else. Trust in your own insight and trust in yourself. There may be some wisdom in the posts and pages; it is there for your taking. Blissfull thinking is a rose heavy with sweet perfume, a tall tree reaching up into the heavens, an ocean swelling with the sounds of the sea, and the depth of your gaze in the face of the divine. Blissfull thinking is all that you are and all that you ever may be.